Bates County


Marais des Cygnes Programs

The Marais des Cygnes Society has developed a rich assortment of programs to help chronicle the history of Bates County, Missouri and some of the surrounding area.  The fruits of a few of those programs are presented here.

Cassity_HouseVisit all the areas of this web site to get a glimpse of the people, events, and settings that shaped our past and helped to form the society that we are today.

ClarkYou will find descriptions of the way our predecessors lived, worked, relaxed, and died.  You may even find information about your own family and how they helped build a thriving community in western Missouri.

PoI_MdC1We hope that you find our work interesting and invite you to suggest ideas for other programs.  We also appreciate any information, photographs, or other material that might augment our efforts and enhance our collection.  To get started, simply email us.


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