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Bates County Family History Center

Butler, Missouri

PoI_FamHist1Located at 208 North Delaware Street, in Butler, the Family History Center offers free access to county records, internet research and a virtual Bates County collection of old photography, genealogy data, oral histories that contains nearly 50,000 names.

Nearly completed is a photographic inventory of county cemeteries.  The project has located many abandoned and unknown graveyards, photographed the tombstones, read old newspapers to secure obituaries, added family

Genealogist – Betty Newton

photographs and other family history data.  The cemetery locations have been abstracted and researched to provide the proper name and information posted on their website.

PoI_FamHist2On-going research scans and digitizes old records, newspapers, photographs, family albums, advertising material, business directories and more.  Oral histories add to the collection.

Classes in family history research are offered free during the summer.  Volunteers are always welcome to assist in preserving the family stories of the pioneers who settled Bates County.

Pat Jacobs – Research 


The Family History Center is a program of Poplar Heights Living History Farm.  To learn more visit their website.


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