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Bates County


Einstein speculated that time is like a river filled with bends, flowing ever onward, but at the bends there exists the opportunity to step back across the banks of the river of time to another bend and thus to step back, or forward, in time.

For Western Missouri, the Marais des Cygnes River represents that flow permitting a visitor to step backward into a by-gone day of proud men and women who settled a wilderness and carved out new lives filled with hope for the future. Those hopeful futures would be torn asunder by the terrible conflict of brother against brother which brought complete devastation to this new homeland.  Families again faced the challenges of rebuilding a new life in a wilderness.  Undaunted, they met those challenges springing up towns and villages across the broad landscape, digging mines to reap the harvest of prehistoric swamps, and raising agriculture to new heights with steam powered machines,  hybrid orchards planted in the prairie grasslands, and new breeds of cattle, hogs, poultry and sheep  bred to blue ribbon levels.

It is this proud story that Marais des Cygnes Society will preserve and present to all so that visitors, in person and in Ethernet can step back across the banks of time and relive the struggles and successes of the comman man and woman who made America great.

The Marais des Cygnes Society is a not-for-profit corporation registered in the State of Missouri.
 Our offices are located at 208 N. Delaware St., Butler, Missouri


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